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Off The Mat Into The World 

Off The Mat Into The World is a nonprofit organization dedicated to utilizing the tools of yoga and somatic practices within a justice framework to inspire people to be conscious leaders of change. Off The Mat Into The World uses the tools of yoga to inspire conscious activism and ignite grassroots and global change. They do this by facilitating personal empowerment and social awareness in our leadership trainings, fostering community collaboration, and supporting local and global community engagement projects. Off The Mat Into The World sees yogis everywhere taking their yoga Off The Mat, And Into The World. 

Seva Challenge

Over the past 7 years, Off The Mat Into The World has sponsored an international service project called the Global Seva Challenge. The Seva Challenge is a transformational journey that builds community, provokes awareness and action around global issues, and raises significant funds to support communities in crisis. With a focus on listening closely to the needs of locals in the recipient country, the Global Seva Challenge program has seen incredible success, raising over $3.5 million to date for organizations creating real impact in countries around the world.

Beyond Duality - Yoga and Social Justice

Yoga and Social Justice is Off The Mat Into The World’s commitment to highlighting and uncovering social justice issues and the role that institutionalized and systemic oppression plays in our lives.  We believe that conscious leadership entails investigating  privilege, power, history and politics.

Yoga, Purpose and Action Leadership Intensive 

Embark on a transformational journey of provocative self-inquiry, social justice education and creative exploration to uncover your deepest passion and motivation for service that leads to embodied, effective, and conscious action. Combining the tools of yoga, meditation, self-investigation, voice, and ritual with the practical tools of communication, organizing, and collaborating, you learn to become more effective leaders and agents of change in the world.

Yoga in Action

Yoga in Action is Off The Mat Into The World’s grassroots program that brings the Off the Mat experience to your local area to a small group of people. These 7-week groups are an opportunity to build community around yoga and service, develop relationships with other yogis and activists, and collaborate on creating real change.


YogaVotes is a nonpartisan campaign to engage the yoga community in politics. It is an opportunity for the yoga community to become a constituency of conscious voters, a block of voters engaging in the political process in a new way and asking to be heard. By sheer number, we can have an impact, as millions of yogis show up to vote using the values and principles of yoga. We have a chance to create real change in the political process simply by taking part in it.

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